Conversation Piece #5

"O Grand Tour Alemão - Skulptur Projekte de Munster"

no petit Cabanon

13 de Outubro 2007,


CCBombarda, Rua Miguel Bombarda 285, Porto, Portugal


Conversation Piece #5

A conversa sobre "O Grand Tour Alemão" decorreu com entusiasmo e muita fluidez, tendo-nos centrado, quase exclusivamente, sobre a Documenta XI. No final o grupo decidiu reencontrar-se, novamente, para conversar agora sobre o Skulptur Projekte de Munster.

Este grupo inclui Aida Castro, Isabel Ribeiro, Israel Pimenta, José Maia e Inês Moreira.

conversa organizada por José Maia (à porta fechada)
A data da Conversation Piece #5? será marcada dentro em breve.


"O Grand Tour Alemão - Skulptur Projekte de Munster"

Conversa informal sobre experiências no Skulptur Projekte de Munster

conversa organizada por José Maia

dia 13 de Outubro 2007, pelas 16h00m, no petit Cabanon


What is a Conversation Piece?

Petit Cabanon hosts architecture and visual culture.
It also houses an on-going video archive to be called Conversation Pieces.

Conversation Pieces are informal group portraits presenting groups of people discussing
and playing in casual interior or outdoor situations. A Conversation Piece is also a thing
which is interesting enough to spark conversation about it. By staging the conditions for
particular gatherings each Conversation Piece is a proposal of a get-together where
to expose on-going projects, research or where to discuss ideas and concepts.


What is petit CABANON?

CABANON was Corbu´s own holiday hut. By building it and gathering there his friends,
he did perform architecture. Now,
petit CABANON wants to be a meetingpoint for people
who work independently on architecture and visual culture.

petit CABANON is a host to architecture and visual culture.
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